On Politics 7: Just Keep Talking, Just Keep Talking

Dear Mister President,

Here we are again. I’m still writing, you’re still… being you. Being more yourself than I think anyone knew you could be. I’m sure you agree, it feels like you’ve been president a lot longer than just 1 month. What should we talk about? Michael Flynn? Russia? Your press conference?

Being the president is a hard job. All jobs are hard jobs when you do them well. There’s a school of thought– as you would put it “lots of people say”– that implies that anyone could be a political leader. The fact that you’ve been choosing a cabinet with (mostly) no experience in their representative fields makes me think you’re a member of this school. There’s also the part where you figured you would be an excellent choice for president, but I’ll just chalk that up to Exceptionalism– you think you’re exceptional, maybe you think other billionaires are exceptional too? I’m veering into speculation so I’ll quash this line of inquiry, but… sure. Fine. You have to make decisions somehow. I’ll focus on something you’re doing well, if not doing right.

Intentionally, accidentally, or haphazardly, you’ve done a good job of harnessing fake news. You’ve recruited one of its Sith Lords to your team… or you’ve been recruited to his, it’s hard to tell. There’s evidence mounting that you aren’t information literate, that you just assume what you’re told or see on Fox News is true. Not that you’re adverse to lying when you think it will help you, but there’s nothing that says no one can lie to a liar. Con men are often the easiest people to con. I think you’re legitimately mad at the media because a lot of what you’re saying feels true to you. It must be difficult.

Of course, you also get really sad when the media talk about the stream of falsehoods falling from your lips. Not because the reports are wrong, but because reporting the facts makes you look bad. You basically said this in your last press conference. There’s only one way to make this better– change the facts. No, don’t state “alternative facts,” that’s what got you and Kellyanne in trouble to being with. Start putting in the work necessary to do a competent job. Literally start educating yourself, humbly ask former presidents how to do the job, what skills you need to do the job. Put yourself in president school NOW, while you’ve got a chance to learn, and don’t rely on the freaking Steves (Bannon and Miller) to write your executive orders.

Read this and start learning how to know when people are lying to you.

I’m not going to lie– you’re not the president I want or wanted. This is the job you wanted, though. I still think the best thing that could happen is that you have your Thomas Becket moment– you try to serve the office instead of serving yourself. You seem really unhappy right now. You know you have to change something so start by changing yourself. Grandma Moses started painting at 78; it’s not too late to start.

Also, I know getting measured is really boring, but you need a suit that fits. Spend some of your own money and get it done.

Don’t look like this guy dressed you. Damn.


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