Update: Things to share

I’ve been uncharacteristically silent this last week or two. Sorry about that. I’ve just signed my first publishing contract, and I’ve been trying to get into a very focused work schedule. That, and I’ve had a ton of little administrative things to do– bills to pay, insurance claims to make, contracts to review and sign– and they’ve absorbed a lot of my time.

Oh. Did the lede get lost in the shuffle? I’M WRITING A BOOK! It’s not Stupid Philosophy 101, but it is nonfiction. The Practical Guide for Librarians is a successful series from Rowman and Littlefield, and I’m proud to be writing their guide to comics and comics programming. Which is to say, it’s about how to buy comics, get rid of comics, choose comics, preserve comics, and find comics worth choosing for a library collection. On the programming side, there’s making comics in the library, book talks, reaching out to local comics creators– trust me, if you’re in America, someone nearby is drawing comics– and how to throw a comic con in your library. I’m more than 10 heavily-edited pages in so far, and feeling great!

Also, while I don’t want to share the Fake News link, a spammer sent me the best of bad comments, filled with delicious irony! Here ya go:

Hello, I llog onn to yopur bloogs daily. Yourr
story-telling style iis witty, keep itt up! I could
nnot reszist commenting. Perfewctly written! I amm sre this articloe
hass touched alll the internt users, itss realkly reaply goood
paragrtaph on builxing uup new blog.


Perfewctly written! Couldn’t have written a better pargrtaph myself!

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